We are dedicated to developing our community both professionally and personally.

England Deaf International Fustal (EDIF) have established as new organisation in bid to drive forward Deaf Futsal across England over the next 5-10 years. We are a team of volunteers working to build together new squads ahead of the forthcoming European Deaf Futsal Championship (Nov 2022) and future championships (World Championship – 2023 and Winter Deaflympics – TBC).

Our vision is to increase opportunities for ALL Deaf Futsal players of all age, gender, race, religion and ethnicity across England, to compete in International competitions that EDIF may qualify for. We will promote Deaf Futsal in England, ensure a duty of care to all members of EDIF and ensure all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment.

As part of growth – EDIF are looking to recruit a role of Fundraising Coordinator, to launch fundraising and sponsorship opportunities to support the Men and Women Deaf teams over the next 12-24 months, as both teams prepare for the European Deaf Futsal Championship in Italy, scheduled for December 2022. This may be followed by the World Deaf Futsal Championship due to be held in Brazil in November 2023 (upon successful qualification from European Championship).


Roles and Responsibilities of Fundraiser Coordinator:

• Plan and prepare fundraising strategy to cover fundraising and sponsorship opportunities to raise targeted £100,000 funding in the next 12 months.

• Make connections and identifying potential fundraising opportunities with potential organisations across Sports and Deaf Organisations.

• Source, seek and apply for funding proposals and liaison with organisations to develop relationships.

• Show strong Deaf awareness and proven experience working with Fundraising/Sponsorship environment with proven successful funding applications.

• Able to demonstrate positive relationship building and engagement in communications with ability to establish working relationships with EDIF committees.

• Work closely with Chair and Committees to establish longer term funding / sponsorship opportunities to enable stability and support with oversee of 5 years strategy planning.


The ideal person should have proven experience of successfully obtaining funding and have ability to actively support seeking funding opportunities.

This role will report directly to Chair of England Deaf International Futsal

This is a voluntary position under England Deaf International Futsal. At the time of this advert – funding and sponsorship are part of ongoing activity to raise new capitals to invest into Deaf Futsal across England.

We welcome applications in either Video (Using BSL and no longer than 5 minutes) or CV (Covering Letter is optional).